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March 2015

“God’s grace is an expression of God’s nature as agape. It is God coming to humankind in love, with forgiveness, with affirmation, with challenge.” (Reflections On Grace, Thomas A. Langford, 2007)

PictureThursday chapel service is always a moment of wonder for me as I see our seminary community united in worship and prayer. I have the privilege of being chaplain, which means that I find the people to teach each week and arrange for the worship time. We are blessed with many talented Christian brothers and sisters who serve us leading worship and preaching.

Last week the message reminded us of the persistent and sustaining grace of God in moments when our humanity becomes too obvious. The main Biblical example was David the hero and king, but also the sinner whose acts affected his family and his kingdom. The speaker shared with vulnerability and reminded us how the power of God fills the gap between who we are and who we desire to be in Him. We left the chapel service praising God for what He does constantly to make us more Christ-­‐like.

The new year flies by quickly, and we thank God for students enrolled in degree programs (on campus and on-­‐line) and non-­‐degree courses for pastors and laity taught through our Extension Division. These courses are taught on campus, on line, in two prisons and in small towns in Colombia.

AND, after a couple of years of preparation, we have filed the application for government approval of a new Master in Theology program. This is a joint program with Fuller Theological Seminary. Evaluators from the National Department of Education will visit us sometime between April and May. Hopefully by July we will have the final decision. We are grateful for the highly qualified faculty God has brought to us for this program, for the acquisition of over 1,500 volumes to enrich our library, with another shipment on the way. Two prayer requests:

  • A positive visit and report of evaluators.
  • Updating the library cataloguing and administration software to expedite the processing of new books and their availability to students and faculty.

We, but especially Elizabeth, continue to travel. She has already been in Cartagena twice this year for teaching at a women’s retreat, and attend meetings of the Colombian Federation of Evangelical Churches. March 25 we begin two months of travel, a combination of furlough to visit friends and churches, and some rest. I have notified those who we will see in California and the East coast. Many of you we have not seen for a long time.

PictureDuring these two months Elizabeth will somehow fit in two trips to Mexico and one week back in Medellin for administrative meetings. In Mexico she will help facilitate sessions in two conferences designed to strengthen the ministry of theological schools in the region.

Many ask about our health. Thank you for praying. We continue to work and joy with what we do. Both are finding that we need more rest so we can keep up. I just reached 42 years as missionary, and we are close to 22 years serving here at the seminary. God has been with us, and many of you have walked with us, prayed and given financially to make this journey possible. Thank you. We are humbled by your faithfulness and by God’s care.

Retirement? Not yet. Ask again toward the end of 2018. Honestly, I ask myself many days how much longer I will continue to serve. Our prayer is to end well this task given by God.

In Christ,

Don and Elizabeth Sendek

Serving at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia
under United World Mission

Phone while in the US: (510) 415‐0979